Street Dogs: Europatour wurde verschoben

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Street Dogs: Europatour wurde verschoben

11.01.2011 - Die Bostoner Punkband Street Dogs hatte für den Jahresbeginn eine fette Tour durch Europa angekündigt. Leider mussten aufgrund des winterlichen Wetters und des damit zusammenhängenden Schneechaos die komplette Tour vorerst gestrichen werden. Ersatztermine sind bislang noch nicht bekannt.

Auf der offiziellen Homepage der Band wurde folgendes Statement veröffentlicht: „Dear European fans and friends, we are extremely disappointed to report we have to postpone our upcoming European tour dates. The chaos of the inclement weather this winter has made purchasing and changing flights nearly impossible both financially and in keeping with our routing. Our European agent has suggested that we postpone the tour until May so we can do festivals as well as our tour when this nasty winter is through and that’s exactly what we will do! We are and have always been a working class band and we have never had to do this. We are hopeful you all understand, we have no other choice. We are still getting details, but we are being told refunds will be given at point of purchase. Again, we are terribly sorry and we will see you all in May. Street Dogs“ (sk)

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