Neues Madball-Album in Arbeit

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Neues Madball-Album in Arbeit

25.06.2010 - Die beliebte Hardcore-Band Madball aus New York planen für diesen Herbst nach drei Jahren wieder ein neues Album zu produzieren. Veröffentlicht wird die Platte, die den Namen “Empire“ tragen wird, bei dem Hardcore-Label Good Fight Music. Die Aufnahmen werden im Juli im Mana Recording Studio in St. Petersburg, Floria, stattfinden.

Folgendes Statement hat Madball zu diesem Thema abgegeben: “Madball has come a long way from being street kids to becoming very established in our genre, and even beyond the music. We're finally at a point in our life where we're taking control of our things, where as before we didn't have control of some things or didn't choose to have control. We have the feeling that we've built a little empire for ourselves with our band, brand, and different endeavors. We get this reference that we're kings of New York... There are plenty of awesome bands that have come out of the city. Agnostic Front are the godfathers of New York hardcore, Sick Of it All are one of the undisputed champs of the scene... we were always known as more of the bad guys, but now people are calling us the kings. It's not a title we gave ourselves and it's not that we call ourselves that, but it's just a term of endearment and respect that people use and it plays into the name Empire.“ (sk)

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