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In Flames

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In Flames

Question: Hey Daniel, nice to meet you. You've been on tour for months and months now. Are you getting tired or are you still fine with it?

I'm not really tired. This year hasn't been that tough. We had the whole summer off, we just played five festivals and this fall we've been away for two months and two weekend. It's not that bad - could be worse. So, no we're not tired yet.

Question: Is the tour with Killswitch Engage going good so far?

Yeah it's been really good. Killswitch headlined in the UK and now when we're in Europe and it's our time to headline so it's gonna be fun. They're great guys and we've done several tours with each other. We're good friends.

Question: Most of the fans are asking about the new album and your plans for the next year. Can you tell us something about it?

Yeah we take next year off - no touring and propably we'll stark working on the album next fall. That's the plans we have right now.

Question: Where do you get the inspiration for the strong, personal lyrics from?

I don't really know because since Anders is writing the lyrics...I can't really answer that question. (thinks) The lyrics are about things he see's in his life and the environment. They are more personal now than it was on earlier albums - I would say.

Question: How do you create the songs? Are you all sitting in the rehearsal room together and jamming around or does someone in the band comes in with a complete song for example?

Jesper & Björn - guitarrist - they do all the riffs and they can present the part of the song - just different riffs here and there. Then we come together, rearrange the song, making demos, try things out and collaborate. We're all kind of involved which is a really good thing.

Question: Has it been always like this?

No, not always. It's been better for the later albums. We started to do preproductions already on 'Reroute To Remain' I think. First record the songs as demo-version, listening to them and change the songs until we're happy with it and stuff like that. It's a longer process nowadays. We take it more seriously - like every song needs to be perfect, everytime.

Question: You released some digital singles via iTunes - for example Alias. What's the reason for that? If I go to iTunes and click on the album - I already can download just this one song. Is it just for promotion?

People don't buy albums anymore so it's stupid not to have digital songs. I mean, it's perfect - if I like a band but I don't like the whole album I can just choose a couple of songs which is a good thing.

Question: Do you still buy records?

Yeah, I do. Not always - I use iTunes aswell but I still go to the record store.

Question: In Flames is one of the original Gothenburg-Metal bands. How is the metal scene there now? Has it changed over the years?

Yeah, of course but it's still the same old bands playing. We're still around, Dark Tranquility and At The Gates - now The Haunted are still around and younger bands are coming up aswell. The scene is still living and they're some really good young bands coming up so it's gonna be good. It's not really the same kind of Gothenburg-style as we are but that's how it is when you form a band. You have got your favorite bands, in the beginning you sound a lot like them and then you find your own niche. It's still kind of melodic - the metal from gothenburg...and from whole Sweden, acutally.

Question: Is there any close contact to other bands?

Not really. It's us and the old bands. We know each other since we were young. I don't really have time to go out and see shows when I'm home since I'm doing so many miles per year - I rather stay in my house and take care of my family.

Question: Do you have any engagement in enviromental or climate protection? What's your opinion towards that topic?

No we don't. We should maybe - that's definitaly a serious issue. I personally do my best back home with recycling and a drive a flexi-fuel car. But beeing a band is not really environmentfriendly with all the flights and the electricity but I try it at home and I think it's important that everyone else does aswell.

Question: Did you hear about the death of Robert Enke, the german goalkeeper? What do you think about the big topic depresssion?

Yeah, couple of weeks ago. I just read a short article about it in a Swedish newspaper. The pressure is tough on those young football players. They get younger and younger but they still have to be good everytime. They get a lot of money for it but I guess it's a tough life. Depressions are getting more and more common nowadays but I don't know why. I don't really have an opinion - I don't really know that much about it.

Question: Some years ago you covered "Everything Counts" from Depeche Mode. Can you image to do more coversongs in the future?

Yeah, of course. We've done a few. As long as it's music which is not metal because otherwise there's no point. The Depeche Mode cover was very cool and we have done a cover of a Genesis song aswell on an EP. What is it called...

Question: Land Of Confusion!

Yeah, stuff like that. It's always possible but we don't have plans yet. It's always fun if I it comes out good of course.

Question: Do you like if someone covers In Flames?

Of course, it's flattering! I don't mind.

Question: What's your opinion towards the "A Tribute to..." compilations?

I don't think we'll be on one of those. I don't mind people who participate but we're not really that kind of band. It's good if you're an upcoming band. Then you do all those things.

Question: The year 2009 is nearly over. What was your favourite band of this year (beside in Flames of course)?

I have to say: Muse. Amazing album and an amazing live show.

Question: The best In Flames concert?

Wacken! It was massive. It's really cool headlining Wacken. It was such a big production.

Question: The best Non-In Flames concert you went to? Do you have time for that?

I didn't went to any good concerts this year. I missed the Muse one and I missed Coldplay. I went to Madonna actually (laughs).

Question: (laughing) Was it good?

It was a good show is the meaning of show although all the songs weren't that good. It was in a big stadium in Gothenburg. Weird production. I missed U2 also which is sad.

Question: You said you still buy records. Which was the best and the worst one you bought this year?

The best is the Muse one. The worst? I never buy bad albums because I listen to them before I buy. I don't really have any bad albums.

Question: "Knülla bör man, anders stör man!" Is it a Swedish saying?

(laughs)Haha, no not really. The right one is 'äta' which means "you have to eat, otherwise you die".

Question: And this one?

Yeah... it's fuck.

Question: Your last words?

I wanna thank the fans for the amazing last two years. It'll be the last time our German fans will see us...in a couple of years until 2011.

Question: Oh I'm glad you added "in a couple of years" so it's not like "you never see us again" (laughs)

Oh, no no. (laughs) We'll do a new album and continue touring!

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