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Question: Nice to meet you in Germany. How do you like it here so far in this country?

Liza: It's awesome, we like Germany a lot. It's a little dark and wet but it's okay.

Question: Have you anything funny to say about the tour so far? Do you like it being with the Street Dogs?

Liza: Oh, the Street Dogs are drunk all the time which isn't really funny - it's scary.

Jaqui: They're like mean older brothers. Last night they were trying to block us in our room, but our door opened inwards...

Question: Oh, nice try! How is the response from the fans here?

Liza: Really good. This is actually our second time here in Germany. We came during the summer and we did a couple headlining-shows and they were awesome! We got a couple more to go, 4 or 5 more so we play a lot!

Jaqui: We'll stay in Germany until tuesday.

Question: Your recent record came out last year and how was the feedback for it?

Liza: Really good. we got a great response. We're still able to tour with the record. When the record came out there was a lot of press and we're making a new one now.

Question: So maybe for the next year?

Liza: Yeah, a new record for the next year.

Question: How was it to work with the big label Hellcat Records? Was it different compared to the other labels?

Liza: Hellcat is awesome!

Jaqui: Yeah, it's a great label to be on and it's just like a family there. Everyone looks after you and is watching your input.

Liza: For the last label it was more difficult to get things done, because they didn't know as many people and they didn't have such a refund on bands like Hellcat does.

Question: You said there is an album coming next year. Are there any plans for a tour, too?

Liza: Nothing's solved yet, we first do the record. But we'll be definitely back in europe next summer and we maybe do a bigger tour if it's possible.

Question: Okay, from the present to the past now. Can you tell us how Civet started and how you met each other?

Liza: very, very long time ago...(laught) I started the band when I was just coming out of highschool and it was my way to fill the time. I mean the line-up we have now is the perfect line-up.

Jaqui: Obviously there were some line-up changes in the beginning but that doesn't really count.

Liza: My sister, she plays the guitar, has been in forever and Jaqui almost five years. Usually when you're looking for new band members they kind of come to you. You always find the right persons.

Jaqui: Everything's great now!

Question: So the name Civet. How did you come up with this name for the band?

Liza: That was a long, long time ago...

Jaqui: The good bandnames were all taken! (Gelächter)

Liza: It's a short name and it looks good on the t-shirts. It actually means cat - kind of cat, but we hear lots of different things.

Jaqui: We just heard napkin the other day.

Liza: Someone said in German it means 'a beast' - is that sure?

Question: No, not really. I read on the internet that it could mean flower, too.

Liza: Yeah, we found that, too.

Question: Which bands are you influenced by? Over the years and which bands now?

Liza: Lots of bands. We always loved the punkbands like Misfits...

Jaqui: ...The Clash, Motörhead. The Runaways...

Liza: ...all the good ones! Pretty much out of everything.

Question: How is it being in a pure girl band? How is the relationship between you and are there sometimes catfights, too?

Liza: Sometimes between Suzi and me because we're sisters - we fight sometimes but it's rare.

Jaqui: We get along very well and people are always shocked. They don't believe us. It's like "no, really, we get along and there are no fights".

Liza: But don't get this wrong. We're still very exciting. We do other crazy things.

Jaqui: Like get drunk and wrestle and we end up in bars but it's all good fun.

Question: On tour you hang out mostly with men and in the crowd there are mostly guys...

Liza: In the crowds there are also a lot of girls.

Jaqui: We do a lot of drinking with the guys (laught).

Question: So you drink the guys under the table, right?

Jaqui: Sometimes, yeah! I guess we're guilty at that.

Question: Now coming to the big question: do you have male groupies?

Liza: No, not really. There are sometimes guys and girls...but no, we get a lot things like "could i cary the stuff for you?"

Jaqui: No, that's not the way we work.

Liza: Because we're girls it' a bit different. Sometimes the guys on the road think "oh they're just chicks and it's gonna be easy"...

Jaqui: ...but we have really high standards! (laught) We around musicians all the time and the average guy? Oh, I feel bad for him. (laught) Just kidding!

Question: What was the last record you bought?

Liza: I'm really in The Veronicas record...how is it called?

Question: You mean "Hook me up"?

Liza: Yeah, yeah, exactly!

Jaqui: The last record I bought was the last album of Camera Obscura.

Question: And do you still remember the first one?

Jaqui: I think it was something like Michael Jackson or Madonna.

Liza: I was definitely on "New Kids on the Block". (lacht) And Cindy Lauper, too. Something like that.

Question: How is the punkrock scene in Los Angeles?

Liza: It's oversaturrated. Too many bands. Good bands but there are also a whole bunch of shitty bands who don't think they have too be really good. Because it's not like in Europe were you have to compete with other bands. It's more like - 'Okay, let's be in a shitty band!'. The standards are lower in L.A. But in that case because there are so many bands in LA, it's hard to get anywhere playing in Los Angeles - you have to be good. It'a also hard to build a fanbase because every day in the week there are hundred of shows.

Jaqui: Everybody is in a band and it's like "Oh, you're playing again - that's cool, but...". So people don't get that excited, you have to be really good!

Question: Do you have a bigger response in L.A. or in Germany or maybe in the U.S.A. in generel?

Liza: We didn't play in Germany that much, so we don't know so much about our fanbase here. We mostly supported bigger bands. But the headlining shows we did here were really good.

Jaqui: I was surprised, because we haven't been here before and there wasn't a lot of press.

Liza: I guess we like to play anywere beside L.A.

Question: So you don't like your homebase?

Liza: Yes, we do, but there are always people we know. It's not something special anymore. I mean, we've done some big shows in L.A. which were awesome for example in the Hollywood Paladium but mostly we're doing bar shows. We prefer the bar shows over here because in L.A. it's like no one is interested in the band playing.

Question: What do you thing about the following things. coming from L.A. what do you think about Kat von D?

Both: We love Kat von D!

Question: Did you ever get tattooed by her?

Liza: We had a little statement on LA Ink. They showed our video and it was cool because we thought everybody is gonna be really stuck up but everybody there is really down to earth. They just like 'tattooing is our job and that's what we do' so they're really layed back.

Jaqui: I really love her make up!

Liza: Yeah, Kat von D we really want your make-up! She's like a positive role model for a tattoed woman. She's a working woman, she's tattooed and she's beautiful.

Jaqui: Her image in generell really helped to change the attitude towards tattoos.

Question: What do you think about Bret Michaels and his TV Show?

Jaqui: Guilty pleasure!

Liza: We watch it but it's not we think he's so cool in what he's doing. More like I can't believe he's doing that now! Fun to watch.

Question: Your first tattoo. Do you regret it? What is it and where?

Liza: I can't remember my first tattoo. Let me think...

Jaqui: My first tattoo I got was on my 18th birthday and it was a memorial tattoo for my dad so I still love the tattoo and I'm still proud of it.

Liza: Mine was a spider-web on my back and it's really bad. I have some bad tattoos but fortunately you can't see them. All the good ones I have you can see. Bad ones are hidden. But I don't regret - I never regret anything so I won't let them laser off. It was a time of my life so it's cool.

Question: Being in a girl band - how long does it to prepare for a show?

Liza: Doing make-up and get show clothes on...probably half an hour.

Jaqui: We're quick. We take less time than some guy-bands.

Question: What do you think about the Broilers. They've got a DVD release show here tonight.

Liza: We obviously have heard of them. There huge in Germany. They're running around and they are all nice. And they bring some new people too.

Question: Now to a big american band. What do you think about Social Distortion and Mike Ness?

Liza: Uuh, we love Social D. We did a support tour for them.

Jaqui: It were great shows and they are all such nice guys in the band.

Liza: Mike Ness is a little scary at first. The last show of the tour we all dressed up imitating the guys of Social Distortion. It was hilarious. We all picked a Social D member and dressed up like them. They loved it.

Question: Famous last words are yours:

Liza: Thank you for your support. We'll be back for sure.

Jaqui: Check us out if you haven't already!

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